Your voice counts in the debate in Congress over the Republican bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
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Congress is considering a bill that would significantly alter America’s health care sector, which is 1/6th of our economy and impacts every American. This bill has had no hearings and very limited debate. This is in contrast to the 79 hearings that were held to discuss the Affordable Care Act. Republicans released their bill only 48 hours before holding committee markups, while Democrats released the initial draft of the ACA 30 days prior to the first committee markup.

Every American deserves to have their voice heard by Congress in this critical debate about their health care—both supporters and opponents. Civic engagement with Congress is enshrined in the Constitution. Americans worry that when they call or email their member of Congress, their voice could potentially be ignored. is an effort to increase transparency and accountability and assure Americans that they have a voice in their government.

This site will tally and prominently display the opinion of any American who speaks out on this bill through, a leading non-partisan platform for civic engagement and legislative information. In addition to tallying and prominently displaying all public sentiment, like on this webpage, PopVox allows any person sharing their opinion on Popvox to also deliver that opinion as an email to that person's individual Representative in Congress, as well as their two Senators. PopVox uses numerous security mechanisms to ensure opinions left are from real people with real addresses.

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Watch the Hearing on the Impact of House Republican ACA Repeal Bill

March 16, 2017 9:30 AM EST